PPSee 1.29

Browse your pictures and create an HTML album with them

Do you often send pictures as an email attachment? Do you wish to present your photos on the Internet? When creating a photo album in a text editor, do you find it too slow? If so, then this program is the right thing for you!

PPSee is a software for creating picture galleries of photos taken by the digital camera, scanner etc. It also makes possible to view pictures. The created photo album can be used on your computer, however it is designed mainly for display on the Internet. Instead of photos attached to e-mails, you'd better send a link to your own web pages.

Take a look at what this program has to offer:

  • Logical image rotation (initialized from EXIF)
  • Series renaming
  • Slide show with image transitions
  • Image descriptions are stored in a plain text file
  • Histogram of image
  • HTML page catalog (a template based creating main menu)
  • File removing to multilevel Trash Bin
  • Quick file copy
  • Template-based image gallery maker
  • Prepared templates are XHTML ready
  • Navigation hot keys



PPSee 1.29

User reviews about PPSee

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Crippledware, NOT Freeware, and NOT free!.
    This is severely crippled and was frustrating to find this out after ...   More